What is the simplest way to start investing?

The most simplest way to invest in Stock market is to think of a business in the most simplified way by the perspective of owner of a company before investing into it.

Ex :

You go to buy a Shirt, you like the quality and pricing of that shirt,

come home and google about the company, think if you were the owner of the company would you grow it bigger ?

If the answer is yes, just invest in that company.



You are now a co-owner of that company, and over the time as the company makes profit you will start earning dividend and market price of the stock will also shoot up.

Some realistic examples are :

If you are riding bike, you like tyre quality of MRF ,invest there

price of MRF went up to 72000 from 800 (9000% returns)

You like medicine of Biocon, just invest there

Price went up to 1000 from 40 rs (2500% returns)

So next time you buy anything think as owner of that company,

you like the business?

Just invest and enjoy gains.

Investing is a simple art, do not complicate with unwanted data.

I hope this will help you.

Thank you.

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