What are the best stock trading ideas that help to minimise loss and maximise profit?

The best way to minimize your loss and maximize your gains is to be a disciplined trader.

Trading is an art and you need to spend time on developing skills, and improve from every mistake you commit.

Cross check a trade by 3–4 indicators which you feel are the best and then take entry.

Keep strict stop loss and targets.

Never let emotions influence your decisions.

Best idea is to maximize gains is study charts daily after market hours to forecast whats going to happen next day, and according to your analysis take trades with strict SL and Target.

Study at least 30+ scripts daily, 4–5 will give you buy/sell signals for the next day, and if next day trade is actually going as per your analysis, enter it with pre-calculated SL and TGT.

Make a diary and keep tracking your trades, this will help you overcome bad trades and will help you understand charts better.

I hope this will help you, it helps me a lot.

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