I’ve been learning and doing intraday trading, and losing money consistently. Should I continue or stop?

Not everyone can master everything.

Well, some are good at intraday, others are good in swing trades and rest make money in investment.

It is very important to understand which style suits you the most and with which style you are more compatible with.

But before that, do check whether the analysis you do on stock, is it really working?

Are the stocks or index moving according to your analysis?

If not you need to change your format and then study and practice those indicators which works in market.

Once you set up the tools, try all formats of trading and see whether intraday is your cup of tea or not.

If it is not suitable to you, try other formats and make money, be master of other styles, and then later when you have enough money to experiment, try intraday again with that money.

Hope this will help you.

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